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Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP) is a cloud-based software solution for connecting to and managing the connected features of IoT devices. Built using a micro-services architecture, AMP is comprised of an extensive set of software services, packaged as Granular Entity Modules (GEMs), which are functional building blocks that can be combined in a multitude of configurations to create application-specific variations. The AMP power comes from its customizable ability to address multi-variant complexity. 

The Aeris Mobility IoT Platform was designed for speed, agility, flexibility, scalability, and security and is ideal for businesses that offer a large number of services, to a diverse number of customers, with a variety of hardware options, in multiple countries, where change is constant. AMP was developed with the explicit aim of simplifying options.

This Aeris global IoT platform allows for regional market variations (brand, location, compliance, and more), thereby redefining, and expanding the ability to gather, analyze, and react to volumes of data. AMP can be used in multiple business sectors.

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