About the company

Altair SmartWorks is an open-architecture solution enabling advanced edge-to-cloud IoT applications and augmented data analytics powered by machine learning to drive the innovation. It a cloud-native platform, which offers an integrated set of services and features to help you easily connect your things to the digital world. Available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) or on-premises, SmartWorks will help you execute your IoT projects faster in an easy-to-use, reliable, and highly scalable environment.

User Review Matrix

"Of all the KPIs this survey is based on, the “recommendation rate” is, of course, one of the best indicators for users on the search for an IoT platform; it represents the yardstick of users’ overall satisfaction with a product, as well as of the business value an IoT platform provides. In The IoT Survey 2019, no other platform provider performed better than Altair in the recommendation rate category."

Arnold Vogt, Principal Analyst IoT

IoT Survey 2019 Awards

Peer Groups

  • Midsized enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors 

  • Device management-focused platforms.


  • Altair


  • Altair SmartCore

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