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About the company*

Autodesk SeeControl (after May 16, Autodesk Fusion Connect) is an IoT Cloud Service Platform used to easily connect, analyze, and manage remote products. It virtualizes your physical things, links them with reporting devices, and through analytics unlocks the potential for companies to:

  • Generate real-world product performance data to improve future designs

  • Predict when products might fail and proactively perform maintenance

  • Create new service revenue and product upgrade opportunities

  • Optimize field supply chain and material replenishment costs

  • As part of the Forge Program, Autodesk is exposing some of this Platform’s functionality to its developer community.

Fusion Connect's cloud-based IoT platform serves not only as a development tool, but also provides turn-key applications and M2M/IoT solution templates. Fusion Connect provides customers with an extensive library of existing protocol/vendor device adapters, optional wireless connections from major global data networks, light ERP workflows and business management tools, enabling scalability of the connected service.

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Peer Groups

  • Midsized enterprise IoT platform vendors

  • American IoT platform vendors

  • Rapid application deployment-focused platforms


  • Autodesk


  • Fusion Connect


  • 8800

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary