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AXOOM is a Karlsruhe-based company and a full subsidiary of machinery manufacturer TRUMPF. It offers a platform designed for “use along the entire production value chain”. The platform’s objective is to create seamless connections between machinery, software, and processes, with users as the “key element”. Data can be securely transported into the cloud-based platform via vertical connections.

AXOOM was initially launched as an IoT platform functioning on a fully platform-based business model, then gradually positioned itself as a consultant and system integrator for complete IoT solutions and has since slowly returned to the platform-operator model.

The AXOOM platform connects manufacturers, machines, components, sensors, and software, thus enabling a continuous data transfer between systems and interfaces, independent of manufacturers. The cloud­based IoT platform hosts and aggregates the data and provides applications for a proper use of the machines. This can simplify the network, control, and analysis of the complete machinery over the Internet. For control and analysis purposes, applications that are provided by AXOOM as well as by key users such as mechanical engineering company TRUMPF are currently used.

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