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About the company*

Cisco’s highly scalable, flexible, secure and easy-to-deploy industrial IoT platforms help improve uptime, lower operating costs and future-proof your investments

  • IoT networking: Deploy Cisco industrial networking solutions for robust, automated, and highly secure connectivity for the extended enterprise.

  • IoT management: Keep IoT operations running smoothly. Use familiar tools, such as Cisco DNA Center and Field Network Director, to integrate IT and OT infrastructure.

  • IoT data management: Get maximum value from your IoT data by engaging the Cisco Kinetic IoT platform to extract, compute, and move your data.

  • Built-in security:  Protect your IoT deployment against threats with a secure IoT solution architecture enhanced with IoT security services.

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Peer Groups

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors

  • American IoT platform vendors

  • Device management-focused platforms


  • Cisco


  • Cisco

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Executive Summary
nuevo logo IoT_teknowlogy-04.png
Executive Summary