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Founded in 2003, Device Insight is a leading provider of Internet of Things platforms, accompanying companies in their digitalization and in the environments of Industry 4.0 and IoT/IIoT. Its flagship product, CENTERSIGHT®, is an IoT platform that supports the global networking of machines, vehicles, facilities and devices as well as providing data acquisition, reporting, condition monitoring and alarming, advanced analytics and remote services. 

15 years of experience, 150 successful IoT projects, 1 million connected devices

Based in Munich, Germany, Device Insight works with large enterprises and midsized customers in over 15 countries worldwide, who are from various sectors, including machinery and plant engineering, HVAC, commercial vehicles, vending, transport, energy as well as the connected home sector. Device Insight advises companies as a full-service provider in demanding IoT and IIoT projects, offering a 360-degree service ranging from business case analysis through implementation to IT operation. This is centered around its core product, the IoT platform CENTERSIGHT®. With their 15 years of IoT experience, Device Insight’s 100 experts have implemented more than 150 IoT and IIoT projects and connected over one million devices.

CENTERSIGHT® – the next generation IoT platform

CENTERSIGHT® is a modular and multidisciplinary solution, leveraging industry-specific solutions on a scalable cloud-based platform, accessible from a web-based interface. The platform enables all kinds of devices to be networked –including machines, plants, vehicles or vending machines – analyzing client data, helping to prevent downtime and reducing costs. All functions are customizable and can be tailored to meet a client’s exact requirements, such as displaying data in real time, condition monitoring and predictive, AI-supported maintenance. Combining IoT and augmented reality allows clients to create entirely new smart devices.

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"The solution from Device Insight performs beyond our expectations."

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Device Insight's Highlights

The strong points of CENTERSIGHT® primarily revolve around accelerating success through higher business value. Return on investment on the product is considered very good. Besides, the platform is rated as easily accessible and as a tool providing support in meeting the business objectives, offering valuable visualization capabilities and, overall, a strong customer experience post-implementation. This favorable rating can be attributed to Device Insight’s experience in the IoT market and their good understanding of what their customers need to make the most of the provided services and products.