About the company

DIGIMONDO is a Germany-based provider of wireless Internet connectivity services. DIGIMONDO has centered its IoT offering around its core product, IoT platform “niota”. The platform centralizes data streams from LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, 3G, 4G, 5G, as well as traditional M2M.


niota offers its clients the possibility to develop and deploy vertical IoT solutions across multiple industries. The platform has a strong focus on connection, integration, and security.



niota as an IoT platform offers a scalable IoT solution focused on the integration of several data sources as well as the organization, monitoring, and management of connected devices. niota is a scalable platform that provides a visual studio which enables customers to build custom dashboards and applications. DIGIMONDO’s strategy from a brand perspective is to white label all its products, meaning that niota can be completely integrated into the customer’s corporate identity.


niota’s services include:

  • Visual dashboard builder

  • Web-based interface

  • Device management

  • Trend analysis

  • Error reporting & alarming

  • Open communication standards

  • Data security through encryption methods


In The IoT Survey 2019, we had 31 responses from DIGIMONDO users.

IoT Survey 2019 Awards

Peer Groups

  • Large enterprise IoT platform vendors

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors

  • Device management-focused platforms

  • Rapid application deployment-focused platforms




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DIGIMONDO's Highlights

DIGIMONDO received multiple very strong ratings in different categories. According to users’ feedback, the platform usually meets business needs as users’ objectives are easily met. The time required for implementation is minimal, which is unusual for platforms. Additionally, it provides highly valued data visualization capabilities along with a very good performance stability of the solutions, which is crucial for success.