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The Ericsson IoT platform (IoT Accelerator) brings scalability and enables ecosystems in order to reduce barrier-to-entry and unleash the IoT business potential for telecom service providers. Additionally, the Smart Wireless Manufacturing solution helps redefine factories and speed up Industry 4.0. Secure wireless connectivity empowers Industrial IoT, enabling a scaled and secure adoption of diverse and critical IoT devices and sensors.

  • IoT Accelerator: The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to connect and create digital representations of the physical world,... (Our IoT platform is called Accelerator for a reason. With features like built-in connectivity and zero-touch onboarding, you'll turn good concepts into delivering on the goods in no time.)

  • Smart Wireless Manufacturing: Smart Wireless Manufacturing is the foundation to accelerate the 4th industrial revolution; transforming factories...

  • IoT for Automotive: The automotive industry is on the move, as connected car technology brings greater value to manufacturers and drivers....

  • IoT Connectivity: Connectivity is the foundation of IoT, supporting digital transformation and development of new business models...

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Peer Groups

  • Large enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors 

  • Device management-focused platforms 


  • Ericsson


  • Ericsson

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary