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The EVRYTHNG internet of things SaaS platform is the source of data for each product. Connect previously siloed data from across your enterprise with new product-lifecycle data, apply real-time analytics and machine learning, and view customised dashboards to manage applications and activity.


Using EVRYTHNG you can provision and operate Active Digital Identities™ linked to product items and build and manage applications driven by these products. You can connect different sources of data and make this available to other systems. The platform then applies real-time analytical intelligence to product data and provides dashboards to manage applications and activity.

  • Active Digital Identity™: Implementing a Web of Things model, the Active Digital Identity™ provides the unique, secure digital identity of the product item on the web. Programmable, open APIs, permission management, open to connectivity via standard protocols.

  • Adaptive Analytics: Open programming tools enable product data to be programmed with bespoke rules using standards-based Javascript code for real-time services. Integrated machine learning tools support adaptive analytics applied to real-time product data.

  • Blockchain Integration: EVRYTHNG provides an integration hub working with multiple supply chain Blockchains. With an integrated operating model, EVRYTHNG enables real-time analytics with product data, for which Blockchains provide robust integrity for product data.

  • Enterprise BridgeEVRYTHNG supports integration with ERP systems to build an aggregate product data model and product journey, and integration with CRM and DMP systems for personalized consumer engagement.

  • GS1 Compatibility: EVRYTHNG supports provisioning of digital identity with GS1 identifiers, first-in-the-world availability of GS1 Digital Link support and tools plus integrated product data and identity management.

  • Dynamic Data ModelsEVRYTHNG supports semi-typed, completely dynamic data models for product data and product data organization. Standard and brand specific semantics supported. Graph-based data organization reflects product relationships and process flows.

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary