About the company

FIWARE is an open source initiative defining a universal set of standards for context information management which facilitates the development of smart solutions for different domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart AgriFood or Smart Energy.


FIWARE is supported by the European Union, to facilitate growth and innovation in the IoT market.


The Context Broker which is the core component of every FIWARE based solution has been elected by all European member states as a standard building block for digital solutions.


The FIWARE IoT Platform

The FIWARE platform provides a rather simple yet powerful set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and also combines components enabling the connection to the Internet of Things with Context Information Management and Big Data services on the Cloud. Besides the own API which is called NGSI and became a formal ETSI standard for Context Information Management in Smart Cities FIWARE is supporting also other protocols like OPC UA or oneM2M.


Being open source and providing open APIs as well as open data models FIWARE based solutions are avoiding a ‘vendor-lock-in’ effect.


The FIWARE community includes:

  • FIWARE Lab – providing technology for test beds

  • FIWARE Accelerator – supporting start ups

  • FIWARE Mundus – pushing the globalization

  • FIWARE iHubs – for local hands-on experience


The FIWARE platform has the following key components:

  • Context Broker – manages context information at a large scale

  • NGSI – Next Generation Service Interface as the standard API

  • Keyrock and Wilma - handling of authorization and access

  • COSMOS – BigData context analysis

  • Perseo – real-time event processing

  • FogFlow – Cloud Edge Computing

  • Fast RTPS – connection to robots


IoT Survey 2019 Awards

Peer Groups

  • Midsized enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors 

  • Device management-focused platforms.





Product Video

Summary of FIWARE's Highlights

The FIWARE IoT platform achieves leader positions in the recommendation category across all the relevant peer groups.


Even though FIWARE’s platform is industry-agnostic and provides horizontal capabilities for different verticals, we can see that it is above all users from start-ups and/or with a public sector- related background that value FIWARE highly and use it as a foundation for IoT projects in the contexts of smart city, smart energy and smart agriculture.


The open source nature of the platform as well as FIWARE’s trusted background (being supported by the European Union) underpin the attractiveness of the provider for digitization projects across many different areas.