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About the company*

GE’s IoT story began with a large investment into the development of Predix, the company’s IoT cloud platform, which features a set of applications and accompanying vertically oriented solutions sourced from its other business units: GE Power, GE Renewable Energy, GE Oil and Gas, GE Energy Management,GE Aviation, GE Healthcare, GE Transportation, GE Appliances and Lighting. Predix captures data from industrial devices and analyzes it to gain knowledge about the devices’ behavior, which is packed into the IoT solution that provides the user with meaningful business intelligence. GE Digital structures its offering into products and services, most of which are based on or tailored around its Predix platform. The products include some off-the-shelf applications, while the services are tailored to help companies adopt IoT and address their major challenges along the way.

* Please note that this content is based on teknowlogy/PAC research.


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  • GE Digital

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary