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Hitachi entered the IoT race in 2016 by pooling its worldwide IoT activities within the newly-formed Hitachi Insight Group and launching its IoT platform, Hitachi Lumada. In 2017, it announced a major transformation and the creation of a new business unit, consolidating the offerings from the Hitachi Insight Group, Hitachi Data Systems and Pentaho. Thus, Hitachi Vantara’s overall offering now goes beyond the boundaries of IoT and reaches into areas Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) and Pentaho used to be concentrated on. Nevertheless, its IoT offering is focused around the Lumada platform, which is positioned on top of the device and connectivity management layer and aims to bring value through data processing, management and analytics.


Lumada has inherited these capabilities from other Hitachi businesses, including HDS and Pentaho. For example, the Hitachi Content Platform from HDS  allows the handling of large amounts of unstructured data and provides content analytics. On top of that, Pentaho’s heritage in the area of data management and integration will certainly make a difference in its overall analytics capabilities. The overarching offering of Hitachi Vantara includes a mix of solutions, products and services, IoT being a part of them all.

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Executive Summary