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Deliver value with your IoT solutions

With the HPE Universal IoT Platform, you get an industry, vertical and client-agnostic solution that is scalable, modular and versatile. This enables you to manage your IoT solutions and deliver value by monetising the vast amount of data generated by connected devices and making it available to enterprise-specific applications.

Agnostic support for smart ecosystems

On top of ubiquitous connectivity, the HPE Universal IoT Platform is common across all HPE IoT offerings and provides federation for device and service management, data acquisition, and exposure to applications. The platform provides agnostic support for smart ecosystems and can be deployed on premises as well as in any cloud environment for a comprehensive as-a-service model.

Key attributes of the HPE Universal IoT Platform

The HPE Universal IoT Platform features one standard alignment, device and vendor independence, and abstraction of the underlying network. The platform incorporates key IoT attributes that offer ease of use for end developers and help reduce infrastructure costs with proven low TCO and high scalability.

Platform architecture

The HPE Universal IoT Platform provides a unique, single vendor and single point of responsibility to manage and connect heterogeneous sets of IoT devices and operate vertical applications on machine-to-machine (M2M) devices from multiple countries.

Data analytics

The focus now is on collecting data, validating it, enriching it with analytics, mixing it with other sources, and then exposing it to the applications that enable customers to derive business value from these services.

Secure monetisation

HPE accelerates the path to data monetisation in the IoT market with pre-defined oneM2M use cases for quick iteration and a data-centric application enablement platform that helps manage and analyse collected data.


Simultaneous management

The HPE Universal IoT Platform supports simultaneous management of heterogeneous sets of IoT gateways, devices, and sensors. The platform is sensor- and device-agnostic and offers the scalability to manage millions of devices.

Application designer and marketplace

The built-in application designer enables rapid IoT app development on web and mobile channels to create new service offerings. The application designer features API monetisation and policy enforcement and includes a partner-oriented layer for securely managing partners and developers.

Cross-vertical operations

With oneM2M compliance, the HPE Universal IoT Platform allows you to operate applications from different verticals with total security and deploy server IoT use cases on a customer basis with specific privileges.

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