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About the company*

M2MGO IoT-Application platform is designed to drive the progress and innovation of the IoT solutions! M2MGO features all components needed for creating a professional, state of the art IoT application.

M2MGO provides a cloud based content management system (CMS) for M2M. M2MGO CMS creates a full-featured web presence with an embedded M2M portal within the shortest period of time and without writing a single line of code. M2MGO CMS features following key components.

  •  Drag‘n Drop assembly of web pages for M2M and IoT

  •  Smart business rules for making the data to become intelligent

  •  Full membership user management covering the entire M2M/IoT value chain

  •  Responsive Design for better look and feel (based on twitter bootstrap themes)

  •  Unlimited domain and web page management 

M2MGO Infrastructure

M2MGO IoT-Application platform provides the complete flexibility in regards of deploying and usage. It can be used as a multi-tenant cloud solution, as a private cloud instance as well as a local deployment on your infrastructure.

IoT Cloud Platform

With the cloud platform clients get a solution based on the state of the art technology. To provide the reliability, flexibility and the highest degree of security we are using the Microsoft Azure ® fundament for the solution

IoT Application Wizard

M2MGO is of the opinion that the most valuable goal of the IoT solution is the user experience. The best user experience can be achieved by providing a cool, web application. The M2MGO application wizard helps you to create it within shortest period of time.

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Peer Groups

  • Midsized enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors 

  • Rapid application deployment-focused platforms


  • M2MGO


  • M2MGO

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary