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About the company*

Oracle Internet of Things Applications delivers a  set of IoT applications for enterprise assets, production lines, transportation fleets, and mobile workers. Get smart with predictive, machine learning algorithms and quickly extend core SCM, CX, HCM and ERP processes – with real-time IoT data and insights.

  • IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud: Real-time insights from connected assets to drive predictive maintenance, optimized SCM, and improved customer experiences.

  • IoT Production Monitoring CloudIndustry 4.0 made simple with best-in-class production monitoring for factory, product, and machine.

  • IoT Fleet Monitoring CloudDeliver the predictive power of IoT to know when any connected vehicle needs service, adjust logistics operations, and avoid downtime.

  • IoT Connected Worker CloudEnsure worker health and safety, achieve better regulatory compliance, and gain real-time visibility into worker health, location, and work environment.

  • Service Monitoring for Connected Assets CloudDifferentiated service experience with insights from connected assets.

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Peer Groups

  • Large enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • American IoT platform vendors 

  • Analytics-Focused platform


  • Oracle


  • Oracle

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary