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In 2018, PTC split the IoT Group into two business units – the IoT business unit and the augmented reality (AR) business unit. ThingWorx is the IoT brand name, while Vuforia represents the AR brand. 


ThingWorx 8, the latest release of ThingWorx, has been available since June 2017 and consists of the following building blocks:

  • ThingWorx Foundation is based on the acquisitions of Axeda and ThingWorx. The Application Enablement Platform (Composer, Model Runner, Integration, Mashup Builder) builds the core of ThingWorx Foundation and provides capabilities for users without developer skills to allow simple IoT device management, process workflow management and application integration. Non-IT users are thus enabled to monitor and manage the performance of their IoT-connected devices.

  • ThingWorx Analytics is based on the acquisition of ColdLight. ThingWorx Analytics enables IoT developers to quickly and easily add real-time pattern and anomaly detection, predictive analytics and simulation around IoT solutions.

  • ThingWorx Connectivity is powered by Kepware and connects industrial equipment and applications to the ThingWorx platform. Kepware’s driver portfolio enables the communication with many different devices via proprietary and open protocols and with software applications via OPC.

  • ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps unify data from enterprise business systems and the connected physical world and deliver context- and role-based user information and real-time insights. The new manufacturing apps are fast to deploy, allow codeless app changes and include the following apps for specific user groups:

  • ThingWorx Controls Advisor – gives control engineers the ability to rapidly connect to and remotely visualize data from virtually any Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), IoT Gateway or connected asset. It enables them to monitor and troubleshoot machine connectivity and provides instant notification of data communication errors that may cause the loss of critical production data.

  • ThingWorx Asset Advisor – provides real-time information on the health and status of critical assets. The app alerts maintenance/service technicians to potential problems that may cause unplanned downtimes and optimizes the maintenance process.

  • ThingWorx Production Advisor – production managers are given real-time insights into the production status and critical KPIs such as availability, performance, quality and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The app also enables plant managers to monitor the real-time operational performance of the factory – all lines, all assets, with up-to-the-minute production status and performance KPIs.

* Please note that this content is based on teknowlogy/PAC research.


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  • Midsized enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • American IoT platform vendors 

  • Rapid application deployment-focused platforms 


  • PTC


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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary