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SAP’s IoT portfolio is centered around its Leonardo offering. Although Leonardo was first announced in January 2017 as an IoT platform, the real product launch can be dated to May 2017 when SAP introduced Leonardo as a “Digital Innovation System”. Since then Leonardo can be viewed as an integrated set of IoT solutions that comprise applications, IoT microservices, APIs, big data capabilities, analytics and more.


Currently SAP Leonardo includes the following building blocks:

  • SAP Cloud Platform is the underlying foundation of the Leonardo portfolio and provides realtime intelligence capabilities (based on in-memory technology) for the whole SAP IoT portfolio. 

  • SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation is at the center of the SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio. Basically, it is the Plat.One IoT platform and provides device integration, connectivity & device management, data management and application development.

  • SAP Leonardo IoT Edge is another building block from Plat.One in SAP’s IoT portfolio. It focuses on edge processing (analytics, machine learning and streaming) of device data and enables real-time capabilities by avoiding cloud latency. 

  • SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge covers the application integration capabilities of SAP. This portfolio element underpins SAP’s strong focus on integrating IoT applications with all kinds of SAP enterprise applications (e.g. ERP) to allow the exchange of data from device level up to the business processes. 

  • SAP IoT applications include several IoT solutions based on SAP technology that can be used by systems integrators as building blocks to develop client-specific IoT applications on top:


  • Connected Products 

  • Connected Assets

  • Connected Fleet 

  • Connected Infrastructure 

  • Connected Markets 

  • Connected People

* Please note that this content is based on teknowlogy/PAC research.


Peer Groups

  • Large enterprise IoT platform vendors 

  • EMEA IoT platform vendors  

  • Device management-focused platforms 

  • Rapid application deployment-focused platforms

  • Analytics-Focused platform  


  • SAP/


  • SAP Leonardo

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Executive Summary
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Executive Summary